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Vfailand is the first specialized platform for holding exhibitions and virtual events in Sweden, where all organizers can have their various exhibitions and events, including conferences, festivals, seminars and webinars, meetings, special panels, start-up events. The platform can also be used as a combination of physical and digital events. Makes money through various methods such as stand sales, sponsorship and ticket sales. The competitive advantage of Vfairland is its 100% customizable platform, expert and experienced teams, strong customer support and a history of holding more than 30 virtual exhibitions and events in recent years.


Visitors are the driving force behind events, and their strong presence increases the freshness and performance of the organizers and participants to their goals. Vfairland's smart platform gives visitors, especially visitors from other cities and countries, the opportunity to experience a similar experience by visiting the exhibition and participating face - to - face online. Features such as displaying information and exhibition calendar, visiting various exhibition halls and selecting the page event for the exhibitions to participate in, search and select halls and booths, display the digital business card, catalog, corporate products and direct online interaction with their managers and .... are one of the facilities that Vfairland Virtual Exhibition offers visitors.



Exhibitors are the second group of Vfairland customers who can participate in Vfairland's virtual exhibitions and receive a virtual stand. In this virtual stand are all the facilities that companies need to introduce their business and products, including digital business cards, catalogs and brochures, displaying products and portfolios, online interaction with visitors and other companies and holding B2B meetings available to participants. In addition, by receiving a dedicated page on the Swedish business market, each participant receives special Vfairland services such as dedicated SEO and advertising for services and products on the website's main page and other exhibitions, which have a direct impact on the brand and increase their sales leads.

The main customers of Vfairland are the organizers of international exhibitions, public and private organizations, associations, trade unions, organizers of technical events that can organize their various exhibitions and events, including conferences. Hold seminars and webinars, meetings, specialized panels, launches and technology events on the Smart Platform platform to host exhibitions and virtual events in Vfairland and host all the facilities and features for exhibitions and physical events. Features such as receiving statistics and quantitative and qualitative reports on status of visits and participation, the number of B2B meetings held, and the efficiency and performance of the exhibition and virtual events are among the unique features of the smart platform in Vfairland virtual exhibition that never physical events are provided to organizers.


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