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Good exposure is largely about being seen and noticed. A stand with impact has been rewarded with many visitors and probably also a lot of business.

We can help booth designers and exhibitors with technical needs for booth & trade fair. With us, you can buy or rent equipment that strengthens and clarifies your brand when communicating with the market.

We provide, among other things, lighting & cables, large-screen LEDs and flat screens, projectors and computer / video equipment. We also have speech and sound systems for presentations, stand walls, fabrics, carpets, furniture and stage podiums.

Our sales / project managers help with technical planning and can also help you with 3D sketches, trade fair orders and other things required in connection with a trade fair participation. Our friendly technicians can provide a complete solution of the practicalities that include everything from packing to delivery, installation, lighting direction, support during the ongoing trade fair, dismantling, re-delivery, etc.

Contact us for more information about our products and for a free proposal for your project!

Kendu Sweden's services:

Holds face-to-face exhibitions

Keep B2B

business meetings


Holds business banquets

Holds business / leisure trips

Visiting commercial and industrial centers

Legal services and contracts


Mounting design


Inquiry about customs tariffs




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  • بازدید از مراکز تجاری و صنعتی
  • خدمات حقوقی و عقد قراردادها
  • ترجمه
  • طراحی غرفه
  • تبلیغات
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  • حمل و نقل
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