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My name is Sam Esteka. I came from Iran to Sweden in 1976 to study.

I have worked as a self-employed person in the graphic industry in Sweden for more than 35 years.

I have always been interested in trade. World trade brings people together and promotes their economic and cultural development. The exhibition is one of the places where the nations' latest achievements are displayed and the latest industrial and cultural information is exchanged between countries, and this was my biggest motivation for entering the exhibition industry. My colleagues and I are familiar with the Swedish culture and language, which is our most important tool for providing services to Asian companies.

During our business of preparing and holding exhibitions and business meetings in Sweden, we have received various companies from, among others, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Oman.

Their satisfaction with our services has led to continued close cooperation between us. We have partners in many countries in Southwest Asia and you are welcome to join our business network and cooperation.

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Monter, disk, tv, rullup
Monter, disk, tv, rullup
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Participating in Swedish fairs is the best gateway to the Scandinavian commercial market.

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Göteborg 08, Lotus
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