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We help you who trade in goods and services,
We help companies find information, solve problems in the trade area.

To achieve business success in another country, it is crucial to get to know the country's culture.

Face-to-Face Exhibitions

We love digital exhibitions, but we have a good understanding that a physical meeting is both practical and enjoyable, and most importantly, we and many other industries are interdependent, such as hotels, transportation, restaurants and so on, and millions of people are employed in these industries. Hope for the normalization of living conditions after Corona and we can meet face to face.

We have organized 

exhibitions and
business meetings
in Sweden and Asia.

Exporting from the EU,

importing into the EU

- all you need to know

International fairs

Kandu Sweden Business AB

wants to be a gateway for small and medium-sized Swedish and Asian private companies, by attending trade fairs to introduce and market their products and finding a business partner to enter each other's commercial markets.

To create more and better business for serious player.

Exhibition calendar


Formex January edition 2022 is canceled

This is a result of a new wave of Covid, reinforced by the rapid expansion of the Omicron variant in Sweden as well many other countries. The next Formex will be held on August 23-26, 2022.


Show your products at our permanent Expo!

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