Face-to-Face & Digital Exhibitions

Regardless of your geographical location, you are a participant and visito to our exhibitions in the heart of Stockholm, the commercial capital of the Scandinavian countries

Kandu Sweden wants to function as a gateway to international operations companies to Sweden by organizing trade farirs and events to market their and Swedish products.

We help you create digital user experiences that drive both your brand and your company forward.

We offer digital services for you who want to organize a physical fair in combination with the virtual fair to reach more participants and

visitors around the world.

Exhibition visits

Virtual fairs with the innovative online event platform from Vfairland are the advanced platform in Sweden for holding virtual companies and large online conferences for several thousand visitors at the same time. Thanks to stable streaming, live events can also be made practically available in the form of hybrid events.

Hundreds of 

face-to-face fairs

We have organized exhibitions and

face-to-face business meetings

in Sweden and Scandinavia.


More than 10 instructors

Our online training courses will soon be named.

Insurance, customs, taxes, marketing and other training courses!

Our courses are in Swedish, English, Turkish, Thai. Persian will be held.


Under planning


Under planning


Under planning


Under planning


Under planning


Under planning